Author: Ja'Lisa Little

Here’s to Goodbyes, but We’ll Meet Again

Working as a Marketing Contractor for PetCloud was a learning experience in many positive ways. PetCloud is social media for every pet you’ve loved in your lifetime. Social media is continuously growing and so is the pet market. Put the two together and you have a successful start-up spreading through the southeast. PetCloud supports your local pet shelters through your… Read more →

Cinema Is For The Pups!

2018 is the year for our four-legged friends in cinema. So far, we’ve seen “Benji”, “Pandas”, “Brothers of the Wind” and many more hit the big screen. These films bring laughter, tears, and excitement to our friends and family. I am looking forward to this month’s films, “Dog Days”, “Alpha”, and “Pick of the Litter”. Let’s see what these movies… Read more →

Awareness for Ahimsa House

On August 25th, PetCloud will join Ahimsa House for their 7th annual 5k. We’ll be there to snap photos of your cuties and to support the Ahimsa House and their mission: “providing veterinary care and boarding for victim’s pets while they seek safety for themselves and reuniting them once permanent safe housing is established.” I spoke with Ahimsa’s Executive Director,… Read more →

Everyday is National Pet Day!

Wednesday, July 11th, I celebrated All-American Pet Photo Day. I took many photos of my dog and a few were photogenic, but most were a meme. She’s a hyper pup! There are more holidays this month centralized on your pet. I’ll break down these holidays and offer tips you can do with your pup, cat, hamster, iguana—whoever is included in… Read more →

Fourth Travel Fever

If you’re traveling for the Fourth of July, but want to explore new places after the holiday, try house sitting in exchange for pet sitting. TrustedHousesitters and HouseCarers work just like Airbnb, but there is no rental fee. Instead, homeowners trust you to take care of their apartment or home and of course, their furbaby. Read more →

Summer Pupvents!

On April 29th and May 19th, two major events caught our eyes and we hope they caught yours too. They were the Fido Spring Fling and Nashville’s Paw Magazine Cover Search. We were at both events and had an awesome time. Besides the great people we met, the awesome photos we took, and the cute pups we met, we noticed three… Read more →