Summer Pupvents!

On April 29th and May 19th, two major events caught our eyes and we hope they caught yours too. They were the Fido Spring Fling and Nashville’s Paw Magazine Cover Search. We were at both events and had an awesome time. Besides the great people we met, the awesome photos we took, and the cute pups we met, we noticed three trends at each event. Read below to check out each trend and how pet owners can get the best experience during other summer events.

Fido Spring Fling
First of all, this event was so much fun! We enjoyed it and we’re sure your pups had fun sniffing out Easter eggs and interacting with their own kind! Check out a few photos from the event!


Nashville’s Paw Magazine Cover Search

Nashville’s Paw Magazine Cover Search was a treat for fashionistas. Pups dressed up as divas to superheroes, but only one can grace the cover of Nashville’s Paw Magazine.


(Lizzie, girl! You’re still my fav)

Overall, the events were entertaining and fun, but there were some trends we noticed and here’s what we can do as pet owners to enhance our pet’s experience.

Trend 1: Hydrate, Hydrating, Hydration!

We can’t stress enough how important hydration is. Just like us, our pets need water and shade to avoid heat strokes. The weather was around 90 degrees during Nashville’s Paw event. As vendors, we should always keep water bowls and a supply of water for dogs. As pet owners, we should keep water bottles handy for our dog. If you notice your dog excessively panting, find shade or an inside space to cool off. Hydration is the key for summer enjoyment.

Trend 2: Pay attention to your dogs’ behavior.

As owners, we know our pups better than anyone else. It’s important to pay attention to signs of restlessness and attitude changes. When your furbaby feels tired, they may not listen well to your commands or wander off. This is the perfect time to take a break from an event and give your pup nap time.

Trend 3: Pups need protection too!

We aren’t the only ones who need to protect our skin from the sun’s raves. We may apply sunscreen, but sunscreen for pets is tricky. If you choose sunscreen, get one with no zinc oxide. This is harmful to your pup. It’s much better to opt out for doggie sunglasses, rashguard shirts, or visors. These will help keep your dog comfortable during summer events.

Hopefully these tips help you out during the summer. We’ll be seeing you guys more this year.

Peace out!

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