Pet Bereavement Blog

Those of us who ever loved a pet can tell you that they are our lives. They mean everything to us. Our dogs and cats are always there for us when we come home from work, tails wagging and tongues out, and SOOO excited to see us. No matter what kind of day we’ve had, good or bad, no matter what we’ve done right (or wrong), our pets are there for us. Unconditionally.

Until the day that they leave us. For many of us, this is a very traumatic and terrible experience. Losing a pet is a loss like no other, and the accompanying grief may come as shock and surprise. It can uproot our world. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t understand how much a pet means to us. They don’t know how to relate or comfort. Although they may have the best of intentions, they may say or do things that, in our grief, we can find hurtful and insensitive.

This group is here for those who have lost or will soon lose their beloved pet. We are here to support and encourage one another during this sad journey so that you don’t have to go through it alone. In addition to these blog posts, we will have in-person bi-monthly support groups during lunch hours. This is where we can meet, talk to, and support one another face-to-face about the challenges we are facing while grieving at work and in our personal lives.

Feel free to ask questions and comment about this and future posts. However, questions and comments should be respectful and supportive.

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