Monthly Group Counseling Package

Meet every week for 2 hours to listen and express your deep grief with other people who have also lost a pet. It becomes a great comfort to see familiar faces every week, especially when these faces also give you love, understanding, community, and compassion for your loss.

Grief needs to be heard, not fixed. There is no real recovery when we grieve alone.


Contact Us for questions or more info.

Your Investment Includes:

  • Fully online and private counseling experience!
  • Comfortable group sizes of 8-12 people
  • 2-hour weekly sessions and activities tailored for your grieving needs
  • Weekly meetings in a closed group session personalized for your loss
  • Drop-in Access to all daily open video support chatrooms
  • Continued, ongoing, group communication through the PetCloud community

Benefits of PetCloud Group Counseling:

  • Validation – Listen and share with a community of people going through a similar loss in their life. All group members have the chance to speak and express their profound grief.
  • Community – Build a connection with people around the world who love their pets as much as you do. When this class is over, keep in touch with group members with your PetCloud Membership, which is valid for 13 months from when your group starts.
  • Experience – Learn from the experiences of others. Learn about your own grief, explore your sadness, and create your own Healing Roadmap™ to monitor your healing progress.


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