Sunday Evening
Pet Loss Video Chatroom

Every Sunday evening, from 6-8pm PST, we host a FREE online video chatroom for those who are suffering from the loss of a pet. 

Registration is free and open to the public. It’s recommended to register and reserve your spot ahead of time so that we can be sure you have time to speak, tell your story, and ask your questions.

In a virtual group counseling video chatroom, join others just like you as they are exploring their own loss and grief. Share your story of love and loss, listen to the stories of others in your group, and learn and grieve together. Grief shared is grief lessened. When we are grieving, there is seldom better comfort than the understanding and companionship of others going through loss and sadness. 


Why do we share our grief?

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We share our grief to get it off our chest. When we hold our grief in, it manifests in other more destructive ways, such as anger, gastrointestinal issues, stress, depression, and isolation.

Come share your sadness with our community. Build connections with people from around the world who have also loved and lost beloved pets. All members are provided the opportunity to speak and share what is on their heart. Did you have mostly good or bad days? What kind of support did you get from people in your life? What did you get from the week's activity?

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You are not going crazy for feeling such sadness from your loss. These feelings, while extremely intense, are completely normal and expected! You just lost someone who has always been there for you, in some cases, for decades. Always your confidant, always excited to see you, be with you, and present to comfort you.

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We require registration to control who we let into our community. Not everyone shares our sadness and the love we have, and therefore, this is not a good fit for everyone. But for those who truly understand the grief that comes from the loss of a pet, know that you have a community who accepts you and your grief, wherever you are in your recovery process. We are here for you as long as you need, in trust and confidence.

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Listen to the stories from others and learn from their experiences. Learn what works and what doesn't work. Participate in our weekly activities, which are designed to help you manage and learn about your grief and grow through your loss. Then use this knowledge in your daily life to help others who are also suffering in their grief, wherever that grief stems from.

What To Expect

It is common to feel a variety of emotions before attending your first group counseling session. Perhaps you’re feeling:

  • Nervous
  • Timid
  • Unsure
  • Uncomfortable
  • Excited
  • Ready

Whatever you are feeling, know that it is common. As we open up to others and work on ourselves, we inevitably become more and more comfortable. The most common feedback we hear about PetCloud group counseling? Our members don’t want the group sessions to end. Throughout your time together, you build an invaluable connection. You get to know one another on a deeper level. You form a community of support and trust.

Do you a question not answered here? Reach out!

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Interested in more direct and personalized support?

Check out our PetCloud memberships for closed groups and access to our daily open group sessions, and our individual counseling sessions. 

Group Counseling

Monthly Package Plan
$ 50 Per Month
  • Personalized Weekly Closed Videochat Support Group
  • Access to all Open Support Groups
  • All Access to
  • Personalized Activities and Homework to Help You Through Grief
  • Continued, Ongoing, Grief Communication and Support

Individual Counseling

Weekly Package Plan
$ 50 Per 30 Minutes
  • 30 / 60 / 90 Minute Sessions Available
  • Access to PetCloud's Daily Open Support Groups
  • All Access to
  • Personalized Activities and Homework to Help You Through Grief
  • Continued, Ongoing, Grief Communication and Support
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